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Perfect Picks

Cashew Functional Grades

Explore Cashew Coast's premium cashew grades - we've streamlined the 26 traditional cashew grades into 4 key functional grades adapted to European and the US product applications. We're committed to delivering precisely the cashew grade you need for your culinary creations.

Four Grade Grid

Grade Types

We've got the perfect grade for you.

Choose from premium whole cashews, split cashews, broken cashews or cashew powder suitable for snacks, vegan products, spreads, nut butter and more.

Premium Wholes
13. GRADE TYPES 1st grade

Unroasted Whole Cashews for Natural Delights

Experience the natural goodness of premium whole cashews, untouched by roasting, for a signature Ivorian creaminess and crispiness.

13. GRADE TYPES Bowl_Cashews_Raw_BlueCloth
Regular Wholes
13. GRADE TYPES white-whole-cashew-kernels (1)

Whole Cashews for Roasting and Seasoning

Unearth our selection of premium whole cashews, primed and ready to be toasted and expertly seasoned, transforming them into a delectably crunchy treat.

13. GRADE TYPES roasting and spiciging
Second Grade Wholes
13. GRADE TYPES wholes with dark spots

Versatile Second Grade Whole Cashews for Coating

Ideal for creating a symphony of flavours, these are ready to be roasted, spiced, coated, and panned, promising to add a delightful crunch and taste to your gourmet masterpieces.

Premium Broken (FS/FB/LWP)
13. GRADE TYPES FS_001-1

Plant-Based Dairy and Flavourful Creations

Our top-tier crumbled cashews offer the perfect base for crafting luscious plant-based dairy alternatives, vibrant spreads, and richly flavoured fillings that delight the palate.

13. GRADE TYPES cashewmilk
Second Grade Broken (SS/SP/SWP)
13. GRADE TYPES dark spreads

Dark Spreads and Seasoned Culinary Delights

Our delectable, second-grade crumbled cashews are the ideal ingredient for crafting rich, velvety spreads and gourmet dishes like flavourful pesto.

Babybits, Chips & Flour
13. GRADE TYPES cashew flour

Baked Cereal Goods and Protein Powder

Dive into our selection of babybits, chips and cashew flour for unparalleled quality that will elevate your baked cereal treats and protein powder concoctions to new heights of deliciousness.